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Welcome to R4 USA

Welcome to R4 USA, we aim to bring you the best prices and fast shipping on R4 and R4i cards. We aim to be different as we do not ship from Asia.

We offer a 30 day refund policy if you are not satisfied with your order.

choosing an R4


Versions of the R4

There are three main types of R4 cards, the R4 which is designed for the DS and DSlite, the R4i which is designed for the DSi and DSi XL, and finally the R4 3DS which is designed for the 3DS and 3DS XL consoles.

With the R4 you can add either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your console for playback of media files on the go. To use a Micro SDHC memory card, which currently comes in capacities up to 32GB you will need to choose the R4-SDHC card. This is slightly upgraded version of the original R4 DS which allows the use of a larger SDHC memory card. The R4 is a wonderful device and should be the first choice for anyone who owns a DS or DS lite console.

If you own a DSi or DSi XL console you will the R4i-SDHC or R4i, this card comes from the R4i-SDHC.com team offers many upgraded features over the earlier R4 and R4-SDHC, with support as standard for the 32GB Micro SDHC memory cards, this device allows you really take your entire media collection with you for playback on the go and really get the full use of your console. With regards to the upgrades that the R4i-SDHC offer, you will benefit from fast loading times and a more user friendly interface.

Finally the R4i-SDHC 3DS card was designed for the 3DS console and was later upgraded to work with the 3DS XL console. The R4i works by allowing users of the 3DS or 3DS XL console to add a memory card to their console and then playback media files, which can include movies, photos, videos, and even ebooks. The R4i SDHC 3DS is currently the most advanced version of the R4 on the market and offers second to none support from the development team. This ensures it remain compatible with the latest firmware updates from the Nintendo development team and you can continue using your console without needing a new card.

To use any of the versions of the R4 you will need a Micro SD or SDHC memory card, please view the many bundles we offer and decide which suits you best. The larger the memory card the more you will be able to fit. In most cases 4GB is enough and this is our most popular memory card.